An organized workplace is not just about the visual appeal but it provides mental harmony and reduces stress. The appearance of un-organized and clutter sends signals to your brain that there’s an extra burden of workload. While organizing your office workplace relaxes your nerves and reduces the stress level and you feel in control.

Being prearranged and well organized also helps you to perform your job with more efficiency. Clutter decreases your chances of getting a promotion. If you plan to get a promotion and to move up the ranks, then you need to create a positive impression of your work by being organized.

Here’re 10 best office organizing ideas to telly your boss today. These are some hacks, tips, and tricks to get you more productive at the workplace.

1. Use Acrylic Trays

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Since your office table is the main place that you need to optimize productivity. For this purpose, you need to introduce some useful tools that will keep your desk organized. First of all, make your office table neat and clean by keeping your notes, supplies, and documents well-organized in an acrylic tray. These trays can hold almost everything such as office supplies, sticky notes, papers, and the possibilities are endless.

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2. Use Drawer Dividers

Organize any drawer with DIY Drawer Dividers (Using What You've Got!) | Diy drawer  dividers, Baby room organization, Baby clothes organization

Drawer organizers help you to keep office items in an orderly manner, instead of placing them on the desk. They create more space in your drawer. Nobody wants to waste their time in the morning searching for small items. The drawer organizer saves your time to immediately find the desired items. 

The drawer divider has multiple compartments and will help you to maximize the space in your drawer and keep your accessories safe.

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3. Hang A Pin Board

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Another idea to organize your workplace is to use a pinboard. These are normally lightweight making them easier to hang on the wall. A framed linen fabric pinboard will also serve as an office décor item, wherein you can paste important memos, reminders, sticky notes, or official photos.

The wall-mounted pinboard has linen fabric on which you can pin your office tasks in a well-ordered manner.

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4. Under Desk Hanging Trays

Mesh Horizontal Hanging Desk Storage | Desk storage, Desktop organization,  Hanging storage

The next idea is to use a hanging storage organizer. Under the desk hanging storage not only space-efficient but also a cool office décor, due to its vertical shape. Normally topmost tray slips over the edge of the desk and the remaining 3 or 4 trays hang underneath. This will help to maximize your workspace and you can keep files, documents, and other important papers.

A sleek, elegant, and space-saving storage solution. Its classy design is great on desks, workspaces, corporate mailrooms, cubicles, or any place where you want to save space.

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5. Organize Cables

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In the next step, get rid of all the wires of monitors, laptops, mice, phones, and chargers that look like a typical office place. Of course, you cannot get rid of these wires, but at least you can hide or organize them. Hiding these messy wires is necessary. But if your workstation doesn’t allow you to hide them, then you can use handy cable clips to label and keep them systematized.

The multi-purpose cable clips manage various cables at your desk such as wires, USB cables, cords, charging wires, laptops, mouse cables, and so forth. These clips make your office tables neat and tidy. You can even use it as a pen holder and easy to install.

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6. Use Mason Jars

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The crystal-clear glass of Mason Jars enables you to see the contents for easy access and you can conveniently know when to refill them. You can keep small receipts, stationery items, and other tiny supplies instead of losing them under files, or in drawers.

Mason jars are convenient and useful for easy access to office supplies. The multi-purpose jars are practical and also looks beautiful on your desk.

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7. Desk Supplies Organizer : DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy, Black : Office Products

Yet another office organizing idea is to bring a desk supplies organizer. A clean office desk communicates your competence and professionalism. It promotes strong work ethics and spread positive vibes to co-workers around you. A clean desk also enhances your creativity and you can focus on important tasks at once.

The desk supplies organizer usually comes in different styles and have compartments with some shallow compartments to hold clips and small items.

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8. Peg Board Organizer

Pegboard Organizer | Projects to Try | Pegboard organization, Sewing rooms,  Home organization hacks

When every item at your workstation has a designated place of storage, you’re certain to have more time at your disposal. You’ll be ahead of others while being organized boost up your self-confidence even in the eyes of your boss. Use your empty wall space to fix a Peg Board to organize in a better style, which can hold screws, small items, hardware, tape, office knife, etc.

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9. Colorful Sticky Notes

Four Pastel Colored Sticky Notes Isolated On White Background Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 32988575.

This simple and tiny piece of colorful papers is a powerful tool to get ahead of your work schedule. The wonderful thing about these notes is that they stick on walls, desk, windows, doors, or everywhere. They’re also visible and you just cannot ignore them. They’re like your sincere friends and constantly keep reminding you of the tasks written on them.

Stick and re-stick your brilliant ideas, thoughts, and concepts to work on later. Sticky notes will keep reminding you about unfinished projects and pending tasks.

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10. Switch Up Your Lighting

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Save your major surface area of the desk by keeping those items on the floor which you can, like using a floor lamp in place of a typical table lamp. Floor lamps have their charm and style. This is also an interior décor theme for offices and homes. Floor lamps illuminate your desk at eye-level and open up the office space. Floor lights are versatile and provide balance lighting around you.

Height adjustable floor lamps let you throw light where you need it, whether across the desk or down right on your reading or writing area.

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The organization is the key to get your work done professionally. Declutter once again and get yourself organized and in control to boost your effectiveness and efficiency. It’ll reduce your workplace stress and eventually will become a habit to work at a clutter-free space.